How I work

As a trainer

I believe the first task of the trainer is to make the material interesting. If the learner doesn’t find it engaging, nothing else can be accomplished. Dull, uninspiring delivery is the major barrier to learning any new skill or understanding any new concept in any training environment.

I will:

  • Work with you and your content experts to define exactly what concepts, ideas, or skills you need to pass on to your team
  • Build a highly participatory curriculum for your content, focused on interactive exercises, critical analysis, and practice. Lectures and slides will be kept to a minimum, but where they are necessary they will be simple, clear, and fascinating
  • Deliver astonishingly good training to your group
  • Evaluate the success of the learning and incorporate feedback to improve the curriculum
  • train your trainers to deliver better training every time.


As a Facilitator

When you have a critically important meeting, event, or away day, you need a neutral voice in the room, in charge of the process your group goes through to find consensus. I will build the right process for you and for your aims, and guide the group conversation to a useful conclusion. The people in the room will feel real ownership of the decisions made, and the conclusions we reach will lead naturally to action.

As a facilitator, I will:

  • Meet you in person or on the phone to clarify your aims and talk about what your group needs
  • Provide a clear proposal and quote tailored to your needs
  • Build a detailed group process based on getting the insights of everyone in the room and usefully directing that knowledge to support a shared decision
  • Support you in planning your event or meeting to make sure it runs well
  • Lead the event on the day, guiding the group through a carefully designed process of discussion, consensus decisions, and planning.
  • Provide detailed, timely documentation of the group’s decisions and plans, to serve as a template for action.

Please get in touch for more information about how I can support you.