My Clients


Course participant: “This was simply the best training my company has ever sent me on. I left exhausted but impressed.”

Learning and Development Manager: “The course was the highest rated of all the courses we ran in 2014, and the participants report that they are using the skills they learned.”

Course participant: I appreciated Alan’s honesty, humour and the environment he created. Practiced what he preached – truly inclusive!”

Former Global Head of Learning for a major UK bank: “One of the best designed courses I have seen.”

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Facilitated Meetings

Local Government Manager: “Alan’s energising style kept us focused on building our strategic plan, and the process he designed lead us get an amazing amount done in two days.”

IT Manager: “He got the stakeholders from across the organisation to clearly define exactly what we needed, and the scoping document we created worked perfectly for commissioning the new software.”

Community group member: “The action plan we created was far better than what we had before. We needed a process!”


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Event design and management

Participant: I can’t believe how organised they were. There must have been a seriously smooth operation behind the scenes. Pulling out the rain ponchos was amazing!

Participant: “I can tell this is going to sell out even faster next year, isn’t it… what do I have to do to get a spot?”


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